The Gandhi Indian Cuisine, Clock Tower

I’ll start this review with a fact.   A good curry is hard to find.

Give me a place, and I genuinely ask you to comment on this review and tell me exactly where the best curries in Exeter are, because up to now I had not found one.  However I can safely say that the best curry you will find in Exeter at the moment is going to be at Gandhi’s.  There is a curry house in Heavitree that is nearly as good but I would say that this surpasses it.  I have stuck my neck out on a line here to say this, so how on earth can I justify this this review by starting so positively?

First off I am not the only person who thinks this.  In my years of restaurant reviewing and food writing, I have sometimes gone against the grain and formed opinions about places that are often loved or hated in one way or another.  Qype is a great resource at looking closely at what people are thinking and feeling about a place, and I am happy to say most of these people are thinking the same way as I am.

The scenery outside is distinctly urban in fact from the outside the Gandhi looks nothing special,( the bay window next to the entrance was where the Monty Python team filmed a sketch when they were in Exeter back in the 60’s) there are two doors one being a fire exit, the other being entrance.  You can tell the experienced regulars as they know exactly which door to come through with Gandhi virgins walking unsucessfully through the fire door.  Minimal wall decorations give the interior a modern feel to it that many Indian Restaurants are succumbing to in the wake of that cliched image that dogged them throughout the 80’s and the 90’s.  There is no dated decor, it is modern and inviting.

The waiters are incredibly attentive, but not overbearingly so like Michelin starred counterparts.
The menu is not vast, in fact it is well balance.  It has enough to keep you occupied whilst they take your drinks order, but not so much that you are overwhelmed. There is a good balance between hot and spicey dishes, and milder dishes such as Korma and Passanda.

Myself and my dearly beloved visted the restaurant early on a Friday evening as part of a birthday party.  They give you a starter of poppadoms and some nice dips to keep you going, and they’re free!  The service was brilliant as ever and after we had ordered the food, it came all at once (there were 6 in the party) and everyone’s food was piping hot.
I ordered the Chicken Tikka which came with friend onions and spices.  The chicken was perfect, not dry but perfectly cooked and the tastes were delicate and aromatic.  My beloved had a Korma that was saucy and not bland, both served with rice and peshwari naans.

EE RecommendsThe meals were reasonably priced and despite the quality, this was not reflected in the price.  For a party of six, only three with drinks and three naans between us all the whole thing came to £65.50 which equated to about £11.00 per head.

7 New North Road
Exeter, Devon EX4 4HH

01392 439 703


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