The Exploding Bakery, Queen Street

I originally started writing about The Exploding Bakery on my personal blog here. When I first realised that Juice Moose had been replaced by this intriguing establishment, I had to tell everyone and wrote a small article about it.  But I thought that a proper review on a proper website would do it justice, as it really deserves it!.

The Exploding Bakery is, as a concept, a new one for Exeter.  They don’t cook the same thing everyday, they bake from scratch and the prices are, for what they do, quite reasonable.

In my previous article, I mentioned.

“The Exploding Bakery reminds me of places like Mast Brothers Chocolate or The Tartine Bakery, a brand of hip bakery that has been reinvented and packaged for the 21st Century.”

So let us take this one step further.  Without categorising it or putting it in a box, The Exploding Bakery could be viewed as Exeter’s first Hipster Bakery.  The first of its kind in Exeter?  I suppose the term would be artisan wholesale bakery if you were desperate to call it anything apart from amazing.

EE RecommendsThe bakery is divided physically in to two halves, one side makes the goods and the other side sells them.  The counter is a display for the goods that have just come out of the ovens and there is a coffee machine on the left.
The first thing that you notice as you enter in to the shop is the array of cookbooks that they have, a vast library of titles which they use.  Then you’ll notice the fresh ingredients below, a further display that they take their baking very seriously including the fresh ingriedients that they use.
The actual bakery itself is very light, and some would say exposed thanks to the big windows.  They want the public to see the process, to show in a very honest way exactly how their goods are made and the skilled staff that they employ, working hard to create exciting and delicous products.

You are unlikely to get the same thing made day after day, available all day.  They supply local businesses and establishments daily, which seems to be their focus, but the items that are available for sale are delicious.  Pictured is their Red Onion Focaccia and Rocket, a lovely flat italian bread made with lashings of olive oil and garnished in Rocket.  By the time you get it back to the office to eat it, the rocket is marinated in a lovely tasting oil, mucky to eat but satisfying and completely worth it.

Nearly four weeks on since they opened, the bakery is still without a website or a Twitter account which is a great shame, and hopefully the strength of their sales will maintain a Word Of Mouth strength to their presence in Exeter.  As soon as it comes available I will put a link up here.

The Exploding Bakery is the perfect addition to a growing number of foody friendly places in Exeter.  The choice for the discerning food lover is growing steadily, so long as we garnish them with our custom, lets hope they stay!

Update: The Exploding Bakery has now got a website. and it has a twitter feed and a facebook presence too which you can get through to from the website.

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