Starz Bar & Restaurant, Exeter

Some of the more astute of you will remember a few years ago I wrote a review of Starz Bar and Restaurant in String Beans/Veget8 which you can read here.  Initially I was quite scathing about the lack of vegetarian options, the oppressive surroundings and well pretty much all of it.  In fact I was so scathing I felt guilty and decided to withdraw it on the basis that … Continue reading Starz Bar & Restaurant, Exeter

Lloyds Cafe & Bistro, Catherine Street

If I was in to fluffing out my review titles with a tagline, I would say that it was ‘A little bit of London in Exeter‘.  The atmosphere, the bustle and professionalism of the service felt like something that was more akin to central London fine-dining than an Exeter cafe. Tori and I met some friends who we’d not met in person before on Saturday afternoon, the whole experience was … Continue reading Lloyds Cafe & Bistro, Catherine Street

Lets Do Cafe, Fore Street

This originally appeared on Gower The Gourmand on the 22nd July 2012 I have to admit that this post has been a little delayed, but the reputation of this place has stuck in my head as the benchmark for ‘how a cafe should be’. Lets Do Cafe has been in Fore St since 2001 and ever since it started, it has had an ethos that it only uses locally … Continue reading Lets Do Cafe, Fore Street

Bill’s Restaurant, Exeter

New restaurants seem to open in Exeter pretty frequently, but none of them have seemed to have generated so much buzz as Bill’s Restaurant in recent times.  Bills, which sits behind Tescos in Gandy Street has transformed the grim surroundings with its hip and cosmopolitan presence. For more information about how the first Bill’s Restaurant started, head over to their website and have a look.  Its a romantic story full of floods and … Continue reading Bill’s Restaurant, Exeter