Matford Diner, Marsh Barton Trading Estate

ee-recommends_zpsgsj7cdqh.pngIt has been a number of years since I have been to a ‘greasy spoon‘ type cafe.  What makes a  cafe a greasy spoon? Well I would say surroundings is a start.  Let’s Do Cafe in Fore Street, is my benchmark for these types of cafe.  Mostly because they do a damn good job at doing what they do, but also they are reasonably priced for the location and the ingredients are as local as you can get.  Take Let’s Do Cafe and put it in the middle of Marsh Barton, you would get something similar to the Matford Diner.

As I sit here and tap away, I find it hard to say anything inspiring about the Matford Diner’s appearance.  The whole experience is pretty average, the decor looks tired and interestingly like they’ve been on a splurge at Steptoes which is just next door.  There seems to be a lot of random things in picture frames hanging with no particular emphasis on anything apart from breaking up the greasy wall space.  One picture frame contains lots of text, you look closer and realise that it is a list of collective nouns for different types of animals, fascinating but quite random.
When you walk in, the insides are deceptively large.  Its like a Tardis Cafe, there is so much space inside.  So many seats in fact, that there is a whole section cordoned off, segregated  in darkness away from the rest of the tables.  The counter to the left of the room is large and oddly enough a stack of current Argos catalogues sit ready for anyone to take away.

The service is friendly and efficient, the waitress took our orders at the counter and we sat down at a table and within 10 minutes we were eating.  I went for the Bumper Breakfast that cost £5.20 and a mug of tea for £1.  My wife had a ‘Small’ breakfast, which really wasn’t that small.  A cursory look over the menu can be seen in the pictures, the prices are incredibly reasonable and take-away options are also available.

The Bumper Breakfast was an absolute bargain.  Had this been in any other cafe, it would have been at least a couple of quid more and I would have been looking at £10 for the whole thing.  This was an amazing bit of value, and there is not time limit on breakfasts, they are truly ‘all-day’ breakfasts.

The eggs were pefectly cooked, as was the hash browns and the bacon.  The sausages were standard mass produced types, the bacon was thick and well cooked and the beans tasted like beans.
It was an incredibly satisfying experience in a location and surroundings that might say otherwise.

Pros: value is amazing, food was delicious, speedy service
Cons: location especially on Saturdays!, decor is random and off-putting.

10 Trusham Road,

01392 206520


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