Valentine’s Day Special: Alcoholic Brandy Fudge

Valentine’s Day Special: Alcoholic Brandy Fudge

One of my other passions, apart from writing about food, is collecting (hoarding) recipe books.  Especially old ones with forgotten recipes in from the past.  OK I am without a first edition Mrs Beeton  but there are some amazing recipes hiding on shelves of dusty recipe books which are bursting for a new lease of life.

And that is exactly what Recipe Vintage is all about.  Whether you need a recipe for a themed dinner party or something unusual to cook for tea.  This weird and sporadically updated website is where I share some of best and weirder recipes from beyond the recipe grave from my vast collection.

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and if your other half is not exactly thrilled at the idea of shop-bought chocolates, or whether you want something different then here is a link to a very customisable little recipe for home-made alcoholic fudge.  If it goes wrong blame Marguerite Patten, as its one of her recipes taken from 500 Recipes for Sweets and Cakes.


Author: Chris

He may look very complicated, but he is in fact very simple. He runs on sausages and beer. Co-founder of Eating Exeter. Librarian at Exeter College.

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