Mammas for Victory: a bad experience at The Crystal Cafe?

EE hasn’t reviewed this cafe yet, but Zion Lights, (journalist, fellow blogger and mum), had a bad experience which you can read about here at her blog.  If you have been to this cafe before and would like to submit a well written independent review, please get in contact.


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  1. What a whiner. They’re not anti-child at all: I see parents and their children there quite often, and the staff are friendly towards them. The premises at the Crystal Cafe are tiny and to a certain extent improvised: perhaps you should stick to the big establishments in Princesshay if you are unwilling to adapt. I’m a parent myself, and I took my kids everywhere with me when they were small. If I had such an entitled and confrontational attitude, I would have been in constant conflict with everyone I encountered.

    • Hi there. Thanks for leaving a comment! Eating Exeter publishes all sorts of reviews from all sorts of people, and that includes positive ones as well as negative ones. In this case, I included a link to Zion’s blog as it was a relevant review which I thought of interest to EE’s followers and subscribers.
      Would you be interested in writing a review on the Crystal Cafe? I welcome submissions from everyone. If you do, please send it to

      Kind regards,

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