Exeter Food Festival 2013

Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink 2013 is rapidly heading this way, and I can’t wait!  If this post has jogged your memory, remember there is a website and the usual social media channels that you can use to keep in contact with the latest from the organisers.

It is destined to be huge, as ever. Just have a look at the site plan (its a PDF document so make sure you have the relevant software!)

And remember there is the After Dark party as there has been in previous years, this year working with the team from Mama Stones who’ll be helping to provide some awesome entertainment.

For ticket information, click away. If anyone wants to donate a couple of VIP all weekend passes to eatingexeter@gmail.com I wouldn’t refuse it! *nudge nudge, wink wink*

Only kidding. I strongly urge anyone who has a passion about food to consider going for even a day, you get so much from the event and it all boils down to supporting local food producers who need our support more than ever these days.


Author: Chris

He may look very complicated, but he is in fact very simple. He runs on sausages and beer. Co-founder of Eating Exeter. Librarian at Exeter College.

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