New on Eating Exeter!

This morning when I opened up WordPress in at the start of my quest to rejig Eating Exeter, I had great change in mind.  If you’re a blogger like me, you’ll know its nice to change things a bit and make improvements.  Tweaks here, adjustments there, and ultimately the aim was to bring Eating Exeter in line with other similiar blogs.  Show the RSS feed, the social media icons, etc etc.

But after playing around with some themes, bouncing some ideas for a banner around I realised that actually there was little that I could do to make it any better than it already was.

So here is a list of new and improved things that Eating Exeter now has.

1. Instagram account

Unfortunately for any business or website, the lack of a social media presence can effect viewing figures.  Ultimately Polly and I write this website for the love of it, but promotion and basic simple blogger ego stroking is nice too.  Social Media means that we open up avenues for people to read the content and benefit from whatever beneficial information therein.  This also means that Instagram which is still pretty popular, is a good idea if you want to convey more than you can with just words.  Visit the Eating Exeter Instagram account here. It currently has two photos on it, but this will grow in time!

2. Directories and Guides.

I have put a Directories and Guides section up which will separate any new banners and badges that we might get from being included in any directories or guides.

3. Recipes button menu

I intend to include more recipes on Eating Exeter.  Food cooked at home is just as important as the food you eat out, so although there isn’t much there at the moment, it’ll grow in time.  I am also eager to encourage anyone with a recipe to send it to our contact address

4. Announcements

This sort of post is an Announcement, and they’re rare and quite important so they get their own button too.

5. RSS feed

One question I get asked, as a techy geeky type, is What is an RSS feed?  I am not going to clog up my blog with a long explanation, but there are quite a few people who use RSS feeds to aggregate content through a reader like Google Reader or something similiar.  Here is a nice explanation as to what they are.

Eating Exeter has an RSS feed now, simply drop the URL of the feed in to your reader program and away you go!

6. Artwork

Tori Dee ( has created a fantastic piece of city artwork for us to use.  This wonderful illustrator is currently in the process of creating a new website, but you can catch her artwork at too.


Author: Chris

He may look very complicated, but he is in fact very simple. He runs on sausages and beer. Co-founder of Eating Exeter. Librarian at Exeter College.

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