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Restaurant Guide: The Salty Pigeon, Magdalen Road, Exeter

The latest restaurant that I have decided I desperately want to go to.  Newly opened in January the website says:

“The Salty Pigeon is a family run restaurant. With Tanya managing front of house and Tanya’s son, Ryan Mell, in his second year at the Michael Caines academy, building on his existing skills and experience under the leadership of our chef Simeon. Simeon started work at the Royal Clarence and has also worked for the Royal Family.”

A definite must, the website is clean and logical and they have a Twitter account too.

The Salty Pigeon logo

Magdalen Road is a foody paradise with Bon Gout just a few doors away, and Pipers Farm not much further too, this is the part of Exeter to live in if you care about your food and where it comes from!

Telephone: 01392 435883


Twitter: @thesaltypigeon


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