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Opinion: Killing in The Name Of…Comic Relief?

This isn’t really the avenue, area or arena for me to start blowing my personal trumpet at food related issues that are happening nationwide, but this was something that I thought needed attention.  As this food blog is strictly neutral, and is ran by more than one person I have to put this disclaimer and say that this is purely my personal opinion.

There are two things that go really well together in comedy, death and laughter.  However slaughtering animals and Comic Relief are two things that really be kept separate.  Lily Allen however disagrees and has “asked her followers whether they wanted to save or kill one of her pigs.”

I am sure most foodies here reading this will agree that we all love a bit of free-range pork, some nice sausages made from a pig that has walked around and enjoyed a happy life eating, sleeping, oinking and pooping, which I hear they do in great quantity.  But there is something inherently wrong with putting the life of an animal in the hands of Twitter followers, and for the name of a great charity event such as Comic Relief.

The details are not fully out there though, was this a pig that was going to be slaughtered anyway? Is it sick? How many has she got? But despite what the details are, this 21st century-gladiatorial-arena way of doing things is really inhumane especially in the name of Comic Relief which is meant to be funny, killing things isn’t generally. Not even vaguely humorous.

I don’t believe this to be an overreaction but there are quite a few people who are getting quite annoyed about this and I would urge everyone to email and complain.  The complaint email address is

As an update of sorts, her Twitter page has put an apology on it.  Thanks to Helen at Vegging Out Exeter for the heads up!

  1. ps, our pigs are kept in lovely conditions and live happy piggy lives.

  2. i genuinely just want to help a good cause. sorry if i have offended anyone, but i have never claimed to be a vegitarian.

  3. just want to clear something up, i am NOT slaughtering a pig for charity, our pigs were always going to be slaughtered, and eaten.


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