Powderham Castle: Chocolate & Candy Fortnight 29th March to 14th April 2013

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Bit of fluff
Bit of fluff (Photo credit: twenty_questions)

This is a fantastic idea for the kids if you’re looking for something to occupy the little chiddly winks over the Easter Holiday.  Powerderham Castle is holding a Chocolate and Candy Fortnight thanks to Jonty Depp and the Pocketwatch Theatre.  The link is to the website is here, it looks lip-smackingly awesome.

I am not sure who this woman is in the picture, but WordPress provides copyright free images in which we can decorate our posts.  So, given this is a candy related piece of news, the expression on this woman’s face is classic. 

I do promise some reviews soon though. I have been laid up with the Mumps for nearly three weeks so soon I’ll be hitting my list of places I want to go to which will hopefully inlcude The Plant Cafe and Ruby Burgers!


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