Lunch: Gregg’s Pepperoni Pizza

Under the heat lamps it didn’t look too bad, but when the chap behind the counter put it in the bag it seemed to go about absorbing the bag in to it with the grease that bled out of it uncontrollably like some sort of skewered pizza shaped rat that cost £1.15.

Credit to Gregg’s, they do what they do really well.  Baked goods, cheap and hot.  The sausage rolls are delicious as are the new Breakfast Rolls (same as a sausage rolls but filled with greasy breakfast meats and egg), but the pizza’s have always been a bit of an unknown entity to me.
Anyway, what better day to try them as I had ran out of time to make my own lunch and needed some sort of quick Umami fix.

The pizza itself wasn’t disgusting. In fact, it was pretty acceptable and if I hadn’t taken it back to work, it most probably would not have gone a) cold and b) greasy.  Unfortunately the grease content of this product is quite amazing, covering me and everything within 2 metres with its flourescent orange blood.  The pepperoni is stingy though and there isn’t much evidence that it actually has cheese on it, it feels thoroughly mass-produced.

Verdict: Eat immediately, don’t save till later plus eat with a napkin and turn off the little voice in your head that says ‘stop eating such filth’.



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