Exeter Phoenix Cafe Bar launches brand new menu!

Exeter Phoenix launches a brand new menu on Thursday.  New chef, Maia Moss, has created a delicious array of rustic dishes using traditional recipes from around the world fused with a unique contemporary twist.  Each of the dishes is homemade, the ingredients are locally sourced and they are all made with a passion for nutrition and fantastic flavor.

‘The main influence of my cooking comes from Jerusalem where I lived until 1998. I learned my best dishes andsome secrets from great family kitchens whilst growing up and helping out. I try to use lots of flavours and a wide variety of ingredients in each dish. Our food should never be boring!’

The new menu features Lebanese falafel and hummus, oriental soba noodles, jerk chicken and lentil moussaka alongside tasty daily specials that have recently included juicy steak sandwiches and delicious hotpots. All profits from the Exeter Phoenix Café Bar go back to the Exeter Phoenix charity, so you can now enjoy tasty food, knowing that you are supporting your local arts charity.

Download a copy of the menu Exeter Phoenix Menu April 2013.


The Farmer’s Union, Clock Tower

EE RecommendsSundays are usually the worst time to even consider going out for food, especially if you are as anti-social as I am..

It is normally the same time that everyone else tries to go out, and as a result you end up having to fight for tables and waitress attention, moreso, than any other time of the week. But this day was different.  We were so hungry, it didn’t matter if the kids were screaming, or anything else for that matter. We needed to eat!  But then when its the wrong side of pay day, and you can’t afford to spend over the odds for a greasey carvary that has sat under a hot lamp for hours the options are not overly attractive.

But one option that I came across in the week, was The Farmer’s Union on the Clock tower roundabout in Exeter.  It is one of those pubs that has always been a pub, ever since anyone can remember.  At one point it was the offices for the Ministry of Agriculture, and which also housed the ‘Farmers Club’, and later the National Farmers Union had their offices there too.

Recently it has had a new lease of life and is now under the management of ‘Your Friendly Pub Co’, not entirely sure if this is a pub chain or the name of the company who just run the pub? The website doesn’t give much hint as to whether this is a chain pub or not,  but given this is the first time I have heard of them, I am going to assume not. http://thefarmersunion.co.uk/

The decor has been touched up, it looks and feels fresh and revived.  The piano is still in the corner, and they advertise free pool on Sundays.  It is one of the nicest pubs to sit in given the warm homely atmosphere.  Our visit was on a Sunday lunchtime and we found the service was excellent, attentive staff all very friendly and eager to please.  No apathy or attitude.  Although the pub was busy, there was no feeling of panic or being rushed, it was as an experience something I would repeat again and again.

Previous visits to this pub have been disappointing before the new owners took over. Apathetic staff, expensive and uninspiring food the sort of stagnant malaise that you get from a place that has clearly lost the passion.  But the new owners have put the passion back in to their food.  This was apparent from the delicious ‘Proper Job’ all day breakfast which we enjoyed for £3.99.  OK, so you’re getting a little less than something you’d get for slightly more in the Matford Diner, but given Wetherspoons used to do a £3.99 breakfast back in the day The Farmer’s Union have hit the spot with this one.  There is a big need for a cheap all-day breakfast and given the average price for a breakfast in Exeter seems to hit the £5.50 and above mark, its a niche that is now covered.

Pros: Nice atmosphere, cheap menu, friendly staff

Cons: So cheap you want more, and more. Could have more live music nights?

16-18 Queen’s Terrace | Exeter | Devon | EX4 4HR | Tel: 01392 279955

Exeter University Farmer’s Market: A little gem.

Every so often (dates listed here) Exeter University holds a Farmer’s Market on the Forum Piazza which is just outside The Forum oddly enough and the Northcott Theatre.  The latest redevelopment of this area means that there is a central place to hold such events, and the large wide space of the piazza means that it can accomodate a large gathering of bodies with room to spare.

Ally from Shaldon Bakery had told me that she was going to be up there on Friday, so I thought that given it was going to be happening less than a mile away from my house, it’d be the perfect oppurtunity to go and grab one of their famed Uglibuns and some Tomato and Mozzerella bread.

Unfortunately, more for the traders, it was a windy day which meant they had to take down their Marquee’s and it was the middle of the Easter Break which meant many students were not about.  The usual large throng of traders had been reduced down to the hardcore ones which thankfully Shaldon Bakery was just one of them.#

So I came away with some lovely olives from the West Country Deli, a tasty sausage roll from Red Earth Kitchen and of course an Uglibun and a lovely piece of Tomato and Mozzerella bread from Shaldon Bakery.  I am in the middle of writing a review for the Uglibun as it is truly a unique product and the nicest bun you’ll find this side of Castle Cary.

This little gem of a Farmer’s Market is great if you’re up the right end of Exeter.  But if you’re not happy with trekking all the way out to the university then remember every Thursday there is the Farmer’s Market at the top of South Street.

These businesses need the support of foodies and lovers of good ingredients, and thanks to Farmer’s Markets like this one we can have the awesome food and produce brought to a convenient location nearby.  If you visit a Farmer’s Market then please buy at least one thing, no matter how small and help support local business.

Meant to add this to Eating Exeter, the scurge of having more then one WordPress blog.