Exeter University Farmer’s Market: A little gem.

Every so often (dates listed here) Exeter University holds a Farmer’s Market on the Forum Piazza which is just outside The Forum oddly enough and the Northcott Theatre.  The latest redevelopment of this area means that there is a central place to hold such events, and the large wide space of the piazza means that it can accomodate a large gathering of bodies with room to spare.

Ally from Shaldon Bakery had told me that she was going to be up there on Friday, so I thought that given it was going to be happening less than a mile away from my house, it’d be the perfect oppurtunity to go and grab one of their famed Uglibuns and some Tomato and Mozzerella bread.

Unfortunately, more for the traders, it was a windy day which meant they had to take down their Marquee’s and it was the middle of the Easter Break which meant many students were not about.  The usual large throng of traders had been reduced down to the hardcore ones which thankfully Shaldon Bakery was just one of them.#

So I came away with some lovely olives from the West Country Deli, a tasty sausage roll from Red Earth Kitchen and of course an Uglibun and a lovely piece of Tomato and Mozzerella bread from Shaldon Bakery.  I am in the middle of writing a review for the Uglibun as it is truly a unique product and the nicest bun you’ll find this side of Castle Cary.

This little gem of a Farmer’s Market is great if you’re up the right end of Exeter.  But if you’re not happy with trekking all the way out to the university then remember every Thursday there is the Farmer’s Market at the top of South Street.

These businesses need the support of foodies and lovers of good ingredients, and thanks to Farmer’s Markets like this one we can have the awesome food and produce brought to a convenient location nearby.  If you visit a Farmer’s Market then please buy at least one thing, no matter how small and help support local business.

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