Special Dispatch: The Coffee Pot Internet Cafe, Morwenna Terrace, Bude

Finding a nice cafe is hard, especially when you don’t know the area.  After coming back from a brief soujourn to Bude, I had to write about this little gem of a cafe that we hit on after a night -out of frolicking and debauchery.  A good breakfast the next morning is, for me, part of the fun of going out.
Its located here, TripAdvisor says nice stuff about the cafe like ‘Nice Atmosphere’ and ‘Perfect Cafe’ but I have to say I haven’t been in an ‘internet cafe’ for a long time.

Back in the early noughties and late nineties, Internet Cafes were sometimes the only way that meager people like me could get online apart from the library.  They still exist in one form or another but given the prevalence of mobile internet and ease of access, many internet cafes have turned back to normal ones.  From my impressions anyway, I might be wrong?

Menu is a nice affair, not too cluttered and not too expensive.  I went for the Shoreline Breakfast as I was feeling slightly delicate stomach-wise, and although it wasn’t a mega-massive trucker size breakfast, the quantity was just right.
The service was nice, the egg wasn’t quite cooked enough for me and given the fact we were the only people in the cafe when we were ordering I was half expecting to ask how I wanted my egg done (moany picky point) but it wasn’t so underdone it was inedible, I had enough to mop up with my toast.

Verdict: This cafe is out of the way unless you’re going to Sainsburys or out of the town centre.  On the outside it looks a little like a double-glazed nightmare, but despite the outside, the inside is nice the food is descent and the whole experience was perfect for the physical aftermath of a night out.

I haven’t given it a score as such as its a ‘special dispatch’.  But had it been in Exeter it’d been about 4/5.

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