The Best Scone in Devon 2013 – The Scone Off

Sue from Cafe@36 got in contact with me to tell me all about this amazing competition. The Exeter heat is being held in the Guildhall Shopping Centre at the end of May.  Cafe@36 is holding a competition with a few other independent cafe’s in Devon to find The Best Scone in Devon, in a Scone Off.  The winner being awarded the Golden Scone Award and the title of Best Scone in Devon.

“We are working with three or four other independent cafe owners in Devon to support BBC Radio Devon‘s Give a Gift Charity appeal and Devon Community Foundation.

The Exeter heat is on the 25th May 2013 in the Guildhall Shopping Centre, and there are two other regional heats being held in North Devon and Torbay.  There will then be a Scone off final judged by BBC Radio Devon and the overall winner will receive a Golden Scone Award!!

Its a bit of fun, aimed also to raise the profile of independent cafes and coffee shops”

I strongly urge you to go forth and have a look, especially if you’re around in Exeter on the 25th May as the Exeter heat will be awesome.Image

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