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Food blog: Recipe Mutiny

Those of you who know me know that I write another food blog.  Its called Recipe Vintage.  Now and again I post up recipes from the darker parts of the 20th Century and beyond from the large collection of recipe books. http://recipevintage.wordpress.com  Those observant to my activity will also realise that I haven’t posted anything in there for a while as it is intended moreso for my own reference just as much as a blog to be read.  

But just after I started Recipe Vintage, I realised that I had another passion and that was all the foods that you shouldn’t eat.  So, realising I had a whole bunch of recipes for delicious foods, I started Recipe Mutiny for the sole reason to blog about junk food “Recipe Mutiny is all about junk food, how to make it, where to buy it and when to eat it. A celebration of all things bad for the body, but good for taste.”   

I lost track with updating it, but I have decided to push it and populate it moreso and I am going to try and make a push of it over the next few weeks.

http://recipemutiny.wordpress.com is the URL.  There is a twitter account too @recipemutiny


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