JD Wetherspoons: The Gourmet Hotdog and Beer offer

Being a foody can be a difficult and expensive passion sometimes, especially when you’re not blessed with heaps of cash.  And even if you do have the money to indulge in the nicer foods, sometimes a bit of cheapy-pub nosh is nothing to scoff at.

Rumour had it that The Imperial in Exeter (my local) had Crispy Pig on tap, so we hopped up there yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately the rest of Exeter also heard they had Crispy Pig, and had drank it all.  But they had Yellow Hammer too, which was nearly as nice.

And here I make myself rather unpopular with those of finer tastes, where I openly admit that I quite like Wetherspoons.  Not for their pub-chain-world-domination reputation, but because they have real ales from local brewerys, cheaply and they have a different range that changes frequently.  It would be a strong case to argue but I believe they have helped in the growth of popularity of local micro-brewery‘s, and for that, I do not condemn or chastise them as a brand.

Their food, over the years, has been quite hit-and-miss but recently I have had a few really good experiences at the hands of their burgers, especially after the recent menu redesign.  Yes a lot of prices have gone up incrementally but they have also added some extra options and the latest option has been their Hot Dog and Beer offer, and of course like the Beer n Burger offer you can have a Gourmet Hot Dog and Beer for £6.79 (slightly cheaper if you have a soft drink).  I present to you the Gourmet Hot Dog and Beer offer…

Beer battered Onion Rings and Chips come with this meal.  Not many chips, but when you’ve worked through the Hot Dog, you can forgive them this as there really isn’t much room for a lot else.

Filling: Yes. Tasty: Mostly: Easy to eat? No.

The hot dog is huge, its one of those Frankfurter style sausages that tastes vaguely of sausage and its filled to the brim with chilli con carne topped with cheddar cheese.  This is fine but the size of it makes it a bit tricky to fit in your whole mouth.  There are a few schools of thought on how to eat a dog this big, so here I present a few.

1. Chop it in half so that you can make two hot dogs.  This wouldn’t work as the chilli falls out and makes a mess.

2. Scoop out the Chilli Con Carne.  The successful method, but this meant that the Con Carne went a bit cold on the plate. Bad times.  I did manage to eat the whole hot dog with my hands after scooping out the contents though, but managed to get half of it around my mouth which made me look like I had issues.

3. Eat the whole thing with cutlery.  By far the easiest method, but the knives are not quite sharp enough to cut through the crusty sub-roll that they serve it in.

Answers on a postcard if you find the perfect method to eating it.

Despite the initial problems, the overall feeling was that the meal was satisfying and good value.  I was able to have a pint of Yellow Hammer with my meal, which made me even happier.  But it didn’t really match up to the Brunch Burger, it didn’t have the Umami hit which the Brunch Burger has, but saying that, it was less calorific then many other items.

3 thoughts on “JD Wetherspoons: The Gourmet Hotdog and Beer offer

  1. The problem is the bread
    JD buys frozen soft rolls which are totally wrong for hotdog. You never find one of those dogs in Germany.

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