Make your own American Egg McMuffin – Great breakfast idea…

English: A Sausage Egg McMuffin from McDonald'...
English: A Sausage Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s, as bought in America. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few years ago, a couple of books (first one that comes to mind is Kenny McGovern’s: The Takeaway Secret) came out that claimed to allow the reader to cook their own version of classic fast food dishes, in the comfort of their own home.

Intrigued by the concept of the book, I did some research (I googled and drank tea, which is my version of research) and found that this concept isn’t a new one and that there have been McDonald’s and KFC recipes bouncing around the internet for years.  Although the book does go one better than just list recipes, its relatively easy to find home versions of junk food classics.

I stumbled across a PDF file which was a) slightly older and b) American and found some interesting recipes for McDonalds recipes and given the recent trend of ‘dirty gourmet’, I thought this might be of some use and interest to Eating Exeter readers who might like to try this one at home and maybe bling it up with free-range egg, locally sourced bacon and organic muffins…

Given it is a Sunday morning at time of writing, this is a great idea for a special breakfast.  If you’re partial to the golden arches, consider this a money-saving idea.  I might get my staff to whip one up in the kitchens! Now…where’s my whip?  One thing I will mention is that you’ll need an egg-ring.  If not, then you’ll still achieve the same end in terms of taste, but its more of an aesthetic thing really.

If you do decide to try and make this recipe, please feedback and let me know how it went.  If we get multiple attempts with photos, I’ll create a feedback post and report back. I have lifted the recipe straight from the PDF I found, so some of it is worded slightly oddly.

*Note* I am not sure what Pam is?

The Recipe – Home Made Egg McMuffin

1 large grade A egg
1 english muffin
butter, REAL butter
1 slice American cheese (real…not processed cheese food)
1 slice Canadian bacon
1 “12×12” sheet of wax paper
Non Stick Cooking Spray

You need an egg ring. Find one at you’re favorite cooking specialty store.

COOKING your Egg McMuffin:
1- Pre-heat an electric griddle to 275 degrees (135C). Toast your english muffin by laying both sides face down on the griddle and applying pressure. This takes about 1 to 1.5 minutes. (they
should be medium brown) Set aside.

2- Lay your egg ring on the pre-heated grill. Spray with Pam (Non-stick cooking spray?) to prevent sticking. Crack the egg and pour into egg ring on the grill. Poke the yolk with a sharp instrument so it flows.

3- Butter both toasted halves of the english muffin liberally with melted butter. Put a slice of American cheese on the bottom half.

4- About 2 1/2 minutes after you started cooking the egg, the whites should firm up, and the yolk should still be a bit “liquidy”. Carefully remove the ring, leaving the egg on the griddle.
(you may have to “slice” around the edges if it sticks)

5- Very carefully turn the egg over, and lay one slice of Canadian bacon on the griddle.

6- After about 30-45 seconds, “flip” the Canadian bacon, and remove the egg, placing it on the bottom half (cheesed half) of the english muffin.

7- Put the Canadian bacon on top, and cover with the top of the english muffin.

8- Wrap in pre-cut wax paper. Let stand 5 minutes, then microwave 12 second on high, and eat.


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