Brody’s Breakfast Bistro NOW OPEN :) (Updated) – Queen St

Brody’s is now open!! – Click here to read Eating Exeter’s review.

Slowly it is starting to take shape, Brody’s is opening soon! Very yellow so far.  Scroll down to see the picture I took today, they got signs up and everything!



4 thoughts on “Brody’s Breakfast Bistro NOW OPEN :) (Updated) – Queen St

  1. I went to Brody’s in Exeter today and it was a truly disappointing experience.

    Overpriced and with a poorly structured menu, I stood around for 10 minutes to get to the pancake maker, drank coffee that tasted like rusty water and sat in an overcrowded ‘restaurant’.

    Despite the ‘all you can eat’ label, I resent paying over £12 if I want something as simple as pancakes and bacon with a coffee…..I resent that even more when the quality of the food and the service is poor.

    I won’t be back again.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up Russ. I have a three month rule which I am going to stick to with Brody’s. Try going back there in a few months time and I bet it’ll be a different outcome…possibly.

  2. We love Brody’s!! We found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. The quality is very good value for what you pay, and the keen to satisfy chefs are constantly putting fresh food out. I haven’t yet tried the pancake station so can’t comment but we’ve been back around 5 times and each time they have not charged a penny for my 2 & 1/2 year old to sit and have a full meal

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