Economical Light Fruit Cake Recipe (courtesy of Recipe Vintage)

Apologies to those who follow Eating Exeter on Twitter (@eatingexeter) if you have already seen this.  But I had to share another one of Recipe Vintage’s scanned in recipe cards from the 60’s.  (What is the right way, 60’s or sixties when you’re writing?)

This is ‘Economical Light Fruit Cake’, so called because its meant to be fluffy and cheap.  A bit like a bird, as they’re fluffy and go cheep…

There is a reason why I am not a stand-up comic.

It might seem a bit draconian and a tad dated, but this is a great recipe that is perfect for those, like me, who are nervous about the whole cooking thing.  I mean, I write this blog about eating out in Exeter, and I love recipes I am just not good at the rest of it, i.e. the cooking/baking.

Please be assured that we will have some Exeter related food posts, and apologies if it has become somewhat self-indulgent over the last few weeks.

This recipe calls for a Victoria Sponge mix to begin with.  Have a look at this recipe first.


One thought on “Economical Light Fruit Cake Recipe (courtesy of Recipe Vintage)

  1. My mum had these cards! This cake was popular in our house. The other one that was popular was the spiced Hallowe’en Cake from these cards but I can’t find the recipe 😦

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