Anton Piotrowski demonstrates his Carrot Cake at Exeter Food Festival 2013

So I was getting all nostalgic and watery eyed over the lovely afternoon we spent at Exeter Food Festival a few weeks ago. I had really wanted to see Anton Piotrowski’s demonstration as I had followed him on Masterchef, and naturally I wanted the home lad to win.  Anton is Chef Patron of The Treby Arms over in Sparkwell which he runs with his wife Clare.

Read here to see how trade at The Treby Arms went mad after his win on MC The Professionals.

So here is Anton demonstrating his Carrot Cake from a desk cam view.  You can get a feel for the demonstration although you don’t see much of the actual cooking!


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  1. where is the demo? All that is visible is the chef & the humongous mixing bowl. The audio is incomprehensible…great job…Hope this isn’t your day job…

    • The video is taken from the Exeter Food Festival live feed they had in the cooking arena. This blog is not responsible for the creation of this video, if you feel it is that terrible please go to the Exeter Food Festival website or follow through YouTube and leave an unhelpful tolling comment there.

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