Bad Times at The Boathouse, Dawlish Warren – Guest Submission

Radio Presenter, Sky Diver, Doctor of Metaphysical Mayhem, Steve Price submitted this for the listings.  If you reckon you could turn your hand to reviewing we accept well written reviews from anyone who is willing.  Submit yours to

It was a bright but blustery day during the Easter weekend when we ventured to the Boathouse at Dawlish Warren after enjoying a walk along the clifftop with the dog. Having a ‘dog friendly’ policy it seemed that this would be the perfect place to stop for a coffee and warm up before heading back on our return journey.  How wrong we were!

English: Dawlish Warren : The Boathouse Pub
English: Dawlish Warren : The Boathouse Pub (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After we entered the establishment we headed to the bar to order our drinks and enquired as to whether we could also get a toasted teacake (well you only live once!).  We were informed that this would not be available until at least 12pm (it was 11am at the time), when we enquired to the reasoning behind this we were duly informed that they had a new menu starting that day and at that moment the chefs were trying to get to grips with it and had all the grills already on preparing food for lunch!

Stunned by this answer we went and sat down with our drinks and to look at this new menu somewhat perturbed that they could not manage to either use a toaster or place a single teacake under a grill without the without the whole kitchen going into meltdown. It also worried us that they were already heating food at least an hour before any potential lunch orders.

On perusing the menu we found very little on there that was really ‘new’ and most of it was essentially standard ‘pub grub’ leaving us with a definite worry about eating here if the chefs were worrying so much about this that they could not even manage to cook a teacake.

Prices for this menu were average but the Boathouse has the advantage of being in a prime position in Dawlish Warren to capturing the tourist trade as the nearest alternate establishment is a good 5 to 10 minutes walk from there.

Do not think we will be frequenting The Boathouse again for some time.

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