Report – Otter Valley Dairy: Tasting event at Ruby Modern Diner

A few weeks ago, Erin from Ruby pinged me an email to let me know about this awesome event that was taking place at Ruby Modern Diner in conjunction with Otter Valley Dairy.  To celebrate the fact that Ruby were now serving Otter Valley Dairy ice cream, they were giving away free samples to those lucky enough to either pass the door or hear about the event beforehand.


Not only as I excited about the prospect of free ice cream but I was chuffed to hear that this was multiple award winning ice cream, in fact it was also listed in The Telegraph as possibly one of the best ice creams in the UK.  Free.

So not only did I go and get my taster(s) but I also bought a big ol’ cone of the stuff as well.

I met Rebecca from Otter Valley Dairy who told me about the fact that the ice cream is made in micro-batches and also the method that they use means that it is super-dense and really smooth (the proof was definitely in the eating with that one).  Did you know, for instance, that large commercial producers mix more air in to their ice-cream? I didn’t know this and I was delighted to hear that Otter Valley use a method that keeps the density and creaminess.  The milk comes from their own cows grazing happily on the Otter Valley in the Blackdown Hills, and Ruby Modern Diner is one of the only big places that Otter Valley supply.

I managed to drag in two work colleagues and my wife (who also counts as a work colleague) to taste the gorgeously smooth offerings. And they all agreed that that was the nicest ice cream they had eaten this side of summer.


Flavour of the day? Had to be Banoffee Pie for me.  The tubs were all presented so nicely and I can’t wait to travel over to Monkton to pay them a visit in the near future 🙂

Read the Eating Exeter review of Ruby Modern Diner here


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