Just Eat: The online take away experience

Just Eat is a newish system of ordering Take Away food from local providers. It is perfect for those who fancy curry or chinese for instance, without having to ring up and talk to a human being. Bloody humans.

Login to the website http://www.justeat.co.uk and you go through some options, find the ideal take away, then go through an online menu. The relative ease of use means you can do this on a tablet if you wish or on a laptop, or even use a bit of dark magic should you want to.

In theory you get an estimated time of delivery, and then that’s it. So craving a curry after a day of interview prep, we decided to give it a go.

The first thing you realise is that a lot of the takeaways have limits to what they’ll deliver for. Some have lower limits than others. Also when you have decided what you want, and you go through to pay there is a 50p card charge which justeat.co.uk keep very quiet about, despite the fact it is the only way that you can pay.

Secondly once the payment has been accepted, you have to wait for the take-away to accept your order. This means staying on the page rather than getting bored and redoing it.

It gives you an estimated time, in our case it was 20:15. 10 minutes over but near enough.


Curry is delicious. Generally happy with the whole experience.

Ignore the crap picture! I had a Pista Masala that was very nice for a milder curry and my other half had a Korma.  The whole thing was quite reasonable, the taste was brilliant.  Spice Magic really has lived up to its reputation of being one of the best places for curry in Exeter.

But unfortunately I am not writing about the curry itself, rather the experience of ordering it through a third party.  The curry review will come later, with better photos!

I found it easy to use.  Disappointing that we had to pay a 50p card charge (but then how much money do they make from the restaurants themselves?).  But really the whole point of JustEat.co.uk is a little pointless when you can easily ring up a curry house and get it delivered.  But its point is all about convenience and making take-aways more accessible, amongst other things.

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