Express Review: Subway Breakfast Sub £2

It sounded so promising and looked so delicious as they always do on the boards outside.  For £2 you get a Bacon Sub and a cup of Coffee, or a hot drink of your choosing.  And for one who is coming up to the poor-end of payday, it seemed like a value option that was worth a try.

In my many years of eating terrible fast food and through my many successful attempts at ignoring health warnings about eating fast food, Subway has always come quite far up on the scale of places that you should visit when you are very drunk and insistent that you really need a delicious, salt packed dietary cataclysm.  And normally you regret it the next morning as you realize what you have been eating didn’t help with the resulting hangover from hell.

bad bacon buttySo an early morning trip to Subway was going to be a novel experience which, I have to say now, will never be repeated.

I got given a leaflet that said you could get a Bacon Sub and Coffee for £2.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, £2.  The low price is a bit suspect because ultimately you have to wonder where the profit margin is, and I suspect its pretty close to a place that would make most executives uncomfortable.
I am not even going to comment on the service in Subway because its a little like complaining that your leg hurts, after you have broken it.  Don’t complain as you know what you’re getting.  But I was suprised that the man behind the counter didn’t quite get the concept that I did not want a foot long sub, nor wanted three ingredients… No really, I don’t.

No brown sauce, no smile, no ‘thank you’.

I didn’t want a coffee either, I wanted a cup of tea.  So I got my cup of tea.  It had no milk, and there was no milk anywhere in the shop.  I was sent off with a tiny little sub, a cup of milkless tea and that distinct feeling that I have just been conned out of £2.  The sub was alright though, I had 9-grain bread and I got one slice of dry bacon and a thing that had at one point in its life been an egg.

So dear reader. Proceed with caution, take your own milk and brown sauce.

5 thoughts on “Express Review: Subway Breakfast Sub £2

  1. Hi Chris how is it going? I feel the need to contact you as a fellow foodie and Exeter foodie with business interest, how can I contact you other than here? (I am not trying to sell you anything by the way : / ) Thanks, Justine.

  2. My similar experience with Subway brought me here. I cannot believe the have pictures all over the shop with this sub teaming with Bacon (well at least two slices) but the sub they give you has one measly slice which looks lost in the bread. It’s an embarassment. I know it’s cheap — I would gladly pay more for a decent one — but the fact is you can’t advertise something which is blatantly twice as big as the actual product your serving. Subway haven’t heard the last of this!!

    1. I am with you on this Andy. Maybe we should start a Facebook campaign? Its a pretty measly experience when you know you can get a decent bacon butty and coffee from Sandwich Royale (further up Queen St.) for the same price.

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