Cream of Potato Soup (Recipe Vintage)

Cream of Potato Soup (Recipe Vintage)

Final vintage recipe card post today! This is the easiest recipe ever!!


Lobster Chowder Recipe (courtesy of Recipe Vintage)

Lobster Chowder Recipe

A seafood themed recipe for you fish-heads out there. I don’t often do seafood as I am not a massive fan, as we’re on a theme this afternoon I thought I would put this in.

Vintage Happiness Tree Cake; Christmas Pudding Cake Recipe

This is another cheeky repost from Recipe Vintage.  I had to share this crazy idea for a Christmas themed dessert as it was the strangest thing I had seen in a while.

Ham and Bean Supper Chowder Recipe: repost from Recipe Vintage

Ham and Bean Supper Chowder Recipe: repost from Recipe Vintage

Ham and Bean Supper Chowder comes from the annuls of Recipe Vintage. The coldness of winter has now firmly set in, and my mind starts to look towards yummy soups and savory chowders to start munching on with some fresh bread and a scarf. is an online respository of historic and vintage recipes. Follow on Twitter @recipevintage or Facebook

Thirst, a new venue opens on the Quay

Quay (Photo credit: jabbusch)

Thirst, a new venue opens on the Quay

The Tab has reported that a new cocktail bar has opened on the Quay.  Formerly Havana, it has been revamped and rebranded.  Opened this week.

Pork Sausage and Apple Bake (Courtesy of Morrisons Magazine)

Pork Sausage and Apple Bake (Courtesy of Morrisons Magazine)

My wife is an awesome chef. I call her a chef as she has a vast amount of skills and an understanding of food that I don’t really have. One basic understanding is following a recipe, and knowing what to substitute in lieu of any of the key ingredients.

We tucked in to a recipe in the current edition of the Morrison’s Magazine which we picked up last week. I tend ignore these freebies as they tend to get stuck in our car and just fester until they’re cleaned out and recycled. But this copy was actually read, and it gave us this lovely suggestion.

The recipe calls for Braeburn apples, but we used Granny Smiths. It calls for white wine, but we used red instead but added some honey to combat the tartness.
It worked wonderfully, so much so that I had to come and share this recipe on this blog, where I believe it would be appreciated.

Nettle Soup (Marguerite Patten Recipe Card)

Slightly cheeky, and annoying if you subscribe to Recipe Vintage too.  But I felt it had to be done!

I dare you to make Nettle Soup.  Now is the perfect time of year for soups and warming toasty dishes.

IMG_0005  IMG_0006

Beef Bourguinon (Fondue Method)

Beef Bourguinon (Fondue Method)

Tonight is going to be a bit of a recipe night on Eating Exeter.  This will be the first of a few, so prepare your scrapbook!  The recipes come thanks to Recipe Vintage, Eating Exeter’s sister site.

Beef Bourguinon.  Some people spell it with an ‘ne’ on the end, others don’t really care. This method shows you how they did it in the sixties, a fantastic party piece for any themed gathering.

The Tab reviews the Cheeseburger Pizza from Pizza Hut.

The Tab reviews the Cheeseburger Pizza from Pizza Hut.

It looks horrendous.  But this review will give you the final say about whether its worth wasting all those precious pounds on something that looks like its been farted out of a pizza oven.

Bonfire Night Parkin Recipe

Another recipe idea for Bonfire Night. Ginger Parkins, sweet and sticky, perfect outside-watching-dad-burn-himself-on-firework food.

Easy Toffee Apple/Candy Apple Recipe

Its going to be Bonfire Night on Tuesday, and if you are having a mid-week celebration with your clan and loved ones, then here is a recipe that will go down very well with the kids/big kids. There is no narration, just a visual method which is pretty hard to get wrong!

Ruby Takes Gold!

This one is a long overdue, but Eating Exeter was dead proud to hear that RUBY Modern Diner has won the Best Takeaway category at the Food & Drink Devon Awards. Announced at an awards ceremony at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth on Monday 14thOctober, these awards celebrate the very best our county has to offer across food production, retail, hospitality and service.

Erin Allgrove, Joint Managing Director of Modern Diners Ltd said,

“We are absolutely delighted to win this award in our first year! Our entire menu is available to takeaway making RUBY a great option for grabbing a quick bite on the go at breakfast lunch or dinner.”

RUBY Modern Diner has also won a prestigious Taste of the West 2013 Gold award.

RUBY brings a modern twist to the roots of the diner, serving fast food prepared with the finest, fresh local ingredients.

The RUBY menu features smoky pulled pork, hot salt beef, real hamburgers, homemade waffles and fresh bagels. Local suppliers feature heavily and include Emma’s Bread at the Real Food Store, MC Kelly, Hawkridge Dairy, Sandford Orchards and Flat Cap Beers in Cornwall.

Donating to Eating Exeter

Money cash
Money cash (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I have to say, its kind of embarrassing writing this post and it annoy me when I see other websites doing it normally through pop-ups and other irritating screen interference.  But the sad fact of the matter is that writing any sort of website, especially one that involves writing about eating out is a costly affair.  Eating Exeter isn’t a charity and I am not intending on turning it in to one, but a little help is always appreciated.
A little button has appeared on the side, and if you are a follower or a passing philanthropist then please donate some spare change.  Ignore the embarrassing email address that appears, it does refer to one of my favourite books called The Nudist on The Late Shift by Po Bronson, and not to any after hours activities that I might engage in!

If you do donate, I will look at creating a ‘Friends of Eating Exeter’ section which will show who has donated and if it is a business then I will put up contact details and a brief blurb about the business.  If you want to be anonymous then that is fine too.

The next step is to look at opening the pages to advertising, which might have to happen in the next few months.