Donating to Eating Exeter

Money cash
Money cash (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I have to say, its kind of embarrassing writing this post and it annoy me when I see other websites doing it normally through pop-ups and other irritating screen interference.  But the sad fact of the matter is that writing any sort of website, especially one that involves writing about eating out is a costly affair.  Eating Exeter isn’t a charity and I am not intending on turning it in to one, but a little help is always appreciated.
A little button has appeared on the side, and if you are a follower or a passing philanthropist then please donate some spare change.  Ignore the embarrassing email address that appears, it does refer to one of my favourite books called The Nudist on The Late Shift by Po Bronson, and not to any after hours activities that I might engage in!

If you do donate, I will look at creating a ‘Friends of Eating Exeter’ section which will show who has donated and if it is a business then I will put up contact details and a brief blurb about the business.  If you want to be anonymous then that is fine too.

The next step is to look at opening the pages to advertising, which might have to happen in the next few months.

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