Hub Box to open (has opened?) in Exeter, 183 Sidwell Street

Have a look at the official press release here! 

Rather slowly, we picked up on the airwaves that a Hub Box is popping up in Sidwell Street.  Not sure what Hub Box is? There is one in St Ives and they’re doing rather well, thank you.

They do Gourmet Burgers and BBQ Hot Dogs and also Craft Beers.  If you want a Gourmet Burger in Exeter then you have another place to go to now, so it will be interesting to see how Hub Box make themselves stand-out from all the other places that are offering Gourmet Burgers (Craft Beers seems to be one thing that makes them stand out already?)

A quick glance at the menu on the website already shows that they are aiming at ‘students with money’. Its all quite trendy with a big streak of hipster.  I’m looking forward to having a go at their Pulled Pork sandwiches, given this is the food fashion at the moment many places are offering it seems to be done in many different ways with varying degrees of success.

Welcome to Exeter Hub Box!

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