Inferno Stir Through Pasta – (Tomato and Mozzarella)

This recipe has a health warning. It is VERY spicey and VERY garlicky. Another trip into the archives from 2010!


This is most probably the most extreme dish you will ever come  across.  OK, it might actually be mild compared to some mexican  recipes and in the grand scheme of things, actually eating fire    would be hotter and more deadly.
But it’s hot.   It’s also very garlicky, the sort of quatities of garlic  involved would stun a man at 100 yards and most probably do  you so much good you’d live to 120 (as garlic is very good for  your heart).  However it’s very very easy, very very quick and if    you take out of the cheese and the pesto it’s very healthy too.

In terms of cost, it’s slightly more expensive if you don’t already  have red pesto lurking in your cupboard, however you don’t have to use pesto.  You can make this with normal pasta sauce, although you’d really be making a normal pasta sauce meal with…

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