Cafe Central, Exeter Central, Queen Street, Exeter

I always get excited when new cafes open in Exeter, don’t get me wrong though I am not completely obsessed with cafes (although I wonder if EE is getting a bit cafe-centric sometimes?!) but it fills me with a little glow I see a newly refurbished interior and a new name popping up in a place which used to be something else.
So my excitement at seeing the recently opened Café Central meant I just had to go and see what they were all about.  On the newly paved concourse stands a sign that says ‘Five piece breakfast £2.99’.  Breakfast war has clearly been declared, given the Farmer’s Union have their £3.99 all-day breakfast and Brody’s Breakfast Bistro is a matter of metres away too!

I wanted an Egg and Bacon bap and that is what I got and most probably the best Egg and Bacon bap I have had in a while! The bap was soft white, bacon was thick cut and there was at least two big rashers too 🙂   The prices are pretty reasonable given the location, although the red and black tiling of the interior could be seen to be oppressive to some, I love this combination of colours. It was like some sort of weird interior heaven for me.
I struck up a little conversation with the chef, who I assumed was the owner too.  They’re new owners, so no familiar faces from the Platform 3 days.  They have refurbished the kitchen with new fittings too.  There were no immediate indication as to source of meat or eggs (free range?) and no indication that vegetarian options were available but then that might have been me man-looking.

I took a few snaps of the interior, but found that not everyone quite gets the food blogging concept and the prolific photo taking that goes with it, the owner looked over from his grill and said “You from the council or something?!”.

I explained I was from Eating Exeter and I was just having a look around, which seemed to go down well.  I came to think about this after I left the cafe, and the whole concept of asking permission to take photos?  Probably fuel for another blog post in the future given the wariness of many business owners to customers openly taking photos.  Remember that article in the Daily Fail about a restaurant owner banning diners from taking photos with their meal? I wasn’t offended or put off returning, as any business owner has a right to question.

Café Central don’t have a website yet.  They have an email address, and that’s about it.  They don’t have a Twitter account, or a Facebook page… in fact they have no online presence whatsoever at the moment, or at least one that isn’t discoverable through Google.
But even if they don’t end up with an online presence, I hope that their food and fantastic prices will speak for themselves.

From my brief encounter, I will be back to sample the five-piece breakfast and to see if it is as good as I reckon it will be.

4 thoughts on “Cafe Central, Exeter Central, Queen Street, Exeter

  1. Cafe Central…great food, lovely atmosphere. It seems to be handy being next to the Central station. Been there few times, all I can say as somebody who works in catering business, its a great place to eat and relax, especially before long journey. It’s ideal if you want some peace and quiet, read a book or work online ( great WiFi ). Overall, really really good experience.

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