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The 'Hero' Hamburger

Over the last few months you might have noticed that I’ve started writing more about local ales, craft beer and burgers on Eating Exeter.  A quick flick through Instagram and Twitter, makes me feel like I’m turning in to some sort of Beer-o-holic! Last week you might have noticed that the Eating Exeter twitter feed mentioned Beer, Burger and Beyond a new blog that I have just started.  Now I can officially announce that Beer, Burger and Beyond is officially ‘open for business’.

I love burgers and over the last couple of years, my opinion of the ‘dirty gourmet’ revolution has changed somewhat. Some food writers tend to look at the fashion of gourmet burgers appearing on menus across the UK with disdain.  Others, like me, really like Burgers and are enjoying them every moment the chance is given.

But love them or hate them, Burgers are here and they are on our High Street (Ruby, Hub Box, Urban Burger and soon to be Byron Burgers), and they’re here to stay.  There are many

And this is where Beer, Burger and Beyond comes in.

There are many different types of Burgers (see one of my favourite websites for an idea of how many different types of burger you can create!) and each place that serves food, has their own take on the classics.

Its a little like trainspotting, but with more ketchup.  The same goes for Real Ales and the eternal glorious march of the micro-brewery movement, and the increasing popularity in Craft Beer has brought many varieties and types of brewed greatness to bars and pubs across our fair county.  Beer and Burger Spotting is what this blog is about.

Its not about service or atmosphere or reviewing in the strict sense (that is what this blog does!), its not really about price but that is still a considering factor.  Its about the burger, the ale, the beer, the thing itself and whether its nice or not.  Most of the things on the blog are to be celebrated but sometimes I will post things which taste like rat meat, or weasel piss.

As with all best blogs, it has a the usual social media channels.


It will take a few months to get going properly and I don’t expect the blog to become followed in the same way as this one is at least for a couple of years, but please do subscribe and follow and spread the word!


Philly Cheese Steak sandwich

Philly Cheese Steak sandwich

Popped through Exeter Street Food Market (located in the Guildhall Shopping Centre) at lunchtime and treated myself to a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. Minus the added Jalapenos, the size of the sandwich took me by surprise in the best way possible.

For £4.50, you see the whole process right before your eyes. The way the steak was cooked, the chips frying (yes there are a few chunky chips thrown in on top). It takes less than five minutes and it all comes together in a delightfully satisfying combination. The steak was cooked just enough and was very tender, and not too greasey either.

Food: Spinach soufflés. Image.

Thanks Times Food 🙂


These look delicious. Just had to share.

Byron Burgers to open in Exeter

Byron Burgers to open in Exeter

If you’ve been up to London, you might have fallen upon Byron Burgers.  In fact they’re starting to appear from Oxford, Northampton to York and now we are going to get one in Exeter.  This will be Exeter’s fourth Burger restaurant and I’m quite happy about this, I like Burgers and all the good that they bring to hoi polloi like me. Thanks to SugarPinkFood for the heads up.

See what sort of things they serve on their menu

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Eating Exeter on Tumblr

Eating Exeter on Tumblr

Eating Exeter believes wholeheartedly in using every avenue of communication available including Social Media.  To add to the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare presence, we now have a Tumblr tumblog.  Mostly photos and randoms that come our way will be put on.

The Hidden Treasure Tearoom Exeter Photographed by Matt Austin

More from the Hidden Treasure Tearoom, Matt Austin doing what he does best 🙂

Matt Austin Images

SidmouthGardenBlog-Matt-Austin 18

Please see some pictures from a feature shoot on the The Hidden Treasure Tearoom Exeter.

Thanks for looking


Matt Austin Photographer
07519 647 890
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Today I Learned (TIL) about the Hidden Treasure Tearoom in New Bridge St. Exeter

I feel a little ashamed of myself because I actually missed this completely.  But a new little tea room appeared at the bottom of Fore St. (where it turns in to New Bridge St.) opening last year.  It has a distinct vintage theme, and is bookable for private parties too.

Stock photo...vintage
Stock photo…vintage

The Hidden Treasure Tearoom looks like a fabulous addition to the amazing selection of places to go in that part of Exeter, and I can’t wait to visit it. In the meantime I am just going to have to satisfy myself with pictures from Matt Austin and their website

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The Cosy Club, 1 Southernhay Gardens, Exeter, EX1 1SG

EE RecommendsSet in the magnificent surroundings of the old Dean Clarke Hospital’s Halford Wing in Southernhay, The Cosy Club opened last year (April 2013) to what seemed to be a quiet fanfare.  Ever since it opened, I have heard rumours of the amazing interior, walls adorned and festooned with bits and pieces, and some absolute killer cocktails.  Unfortunately, it being a school night and all, I wasn’t able to take advantage of the cocktails but I was able to see what it had to offer in terms of food.  Word of mouth had said that the food was good, in fact I have never heard anything bad about it amongst my foody friends.  Trip Advisor gave a spectrum of reviews as ever, mostly glowing but some not.

Entering through what had been the chapel entrance of the old hospital, you are presented with one of more unique bar designs in Exeter.  Lofty ceilings with walls adorned with large pictures, the bar area is filled with natural light during the day and fends off any feeling of claustrophobia during the busiest evenings.  Through to the dining area, the clusters of lampshades and the reclaimed lights from the hangar that housed Concorde, cast a yellowy glow across the tables.  Two painting that stuck in my mind was the full length portrait of Lenin and another called Lenin’s Plans for Electrification by L. Shmatko, which dominate the walls they sit on.  There is also a bookable room called The Snug which I wasn’t able to visit, but I will save this for another day.  The interior is a fantastic cavalcade of stuff, it is interesting without being cluttered.  Varied, yet sticking to distinct style and variety.

There were about eight of us, so the staff were going to have their work cut out.  I know its not really a ‘fair review’ given some places I have reviewed just on my own, but my lasting impression of the service at The Cosy Club was that they could handle big parties.  This was a place that says, “yes, bring your birthday parties and leaving dos to us as we can handle a party large than six!”.  This is demonstrated in the fact that they were happy for us to pay separately which is great when its a large party of work colleagues.  The service throughout our visit could not be flawed, and our waitress Abi was absolutely brilliant.  The thing that stuck in my head was the timing and the friendliness of all of the staff that we spoke to, and at no time were we made to feel harassed for a quick decision on our choices or neglected.

So. Lets talk food.  The menu is varied yet still manages a degree of safety.  Burgers feature on the menu like many places do these days, but also things like Beer battered Cornish pollock, Duck shepherd’s pie and Thai beef salad.  Nothing weird or off-putting.  The prices reflect the fact that this is a restaurant in Southernhay, although not bank busting for the average diner we’re not talking Wetherspoons or Hungry Horse prices.

I had the ‘Hero Hamburger’ which had consisted of a “6oz hamburger, chorizo, mature cheddar, fried red onions, chimichurri (Chimichurri or chimmichurri is a green sauce used for grilled meat, originally from Argentina. Thanks Wikipedia), chipotle mayo and marinated chilli served with skin-on fries”.  The skin-on Fries were frankly delicious and some of the nicest fries I have had since Ruby Modern Diner’s ‘Double Fried Fries’, but there was just simply not enough of them in my opinion.  I felt a pang of disappointment when I had finished them all, and after trying to steal my wife’s fries unsucessfully I accepted defeat. More chips Cosy Club, more chips!
The taste made up for it as expected, with a distinctively fine burger which would give a few places in Exeter a run for its money on, it took me a long time to devour the dense beef patty which was something I would be having again in a flash.  At £9.25 for the fries and burger, it was worth it when compared to other places that do burgers in Exeter, and with a pint of Copper Glow (one of the guest Ales) I was happy.  Unfortunately I wasn’t up for a pudding, but I was happy to have a small pot of tea (which was brilliant value at £1.75 for a big-assed pot of Clipper tea).  I know that in journalistic terms ‘big-assed’ isn’t really a term one should use but I had to ask the chap who brought it out if it was actually a small pot and it was. And I was happy.

The service throughout was excellent (big kudos to Abi for dealing with us so professionally) and I have to conclude that although I moaned about the portion size of the fries, I would be happy to recommend this place to anyone who wanted to go somewhere special, different and safe in the knowledge that they could cope with a larger gathering of people.  Is it kid friendly? I wouldn’t think twice of bringing a sprog with me, they have a kids menu and the many different things in view is ammunition enough to keep them entertained.  Given the presence of a Vegan and Gluten free menu too, I would be more than happy knowing that they could cope with nearly any demand that was thrown their way and that they would be more than happy to accomodate.

The Cosy Club
Halford Wing, Dean Clarke House
1 Southernhay Gardens
Devon, EX1 1SG

01392 848744


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