Beer, Burger and Beyond: The latest addition to our blog family.

The 'Hero' Hamburger

Over the last few months you might have noticed that I’ve started writing more about local ales, craft beer and burgers on Eating Exeter.  A quick flick through Instagram and Twitter, makes me feel like I’m turning in to some sort of Beer-o-holic! Last week you might have noticed that the Eating Exeter twitter feed mentioned Beer, Burger and Beyond a new blog that I have just started.  Now I can officially announce that Beer, Burger and Beyond is officially ‘open for business’.

I love burgers and over the last couple of years, my opinion of the ‘dirty gourmet’ revolution has changed somewhat. Some food writers tend to look at the fashion of gourmet burgers appearing on menus across the UK with disdain.  Others, like me, really like Burgers and are enjoying them every moment the chance is given.

But love them or hate them, Burgers are here and they are on our High Street (Ruby, Hub Box, Urban Burger and soon to be Byron Burgers), and they’re here to stay.  There are many

And this is where Beer, Burger and Beyond comes in.

There are many different types of Burgers (see one of my favourite websites for an idea of how many different types of burger you can create!) and each place that serves food, has their own take on the classics.

Its a little like trainspotting, but with more ketchup.  The same goes for Real Ales and the eternal glorious march of the micro-brewery movement, and the increasing popularity in Craft Beer has brought many varieties and types of brewed greatness to bars and pubs across our fair county.  Beer and Burger Spotting is what this blog is about.

Its not about service or atmosphere or reviewing in the strict sense (that is what this blog does!), its not really about price but that is still a considering factor.  Its about the burger, the ale, the beer, the thing itself and whether its nice or not.  Most of the things on the blog are to be celebrated but sometimes I will post things which taste like rat meat, or weasel piss.

As with all best blogs, it has a the usual social media channels.


It will take a few months to get going properly and I don’t expect the blog to become followed in the same way as this one is at least for a couple of years, but please do subscribe and follow and spread the word!

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