The Beach Cafe, Dawlish

Eating Exeter welcomes Dr Steve Price to team as an official contributor!

There are some days when you wake up in the morning and you just have the urge for a good fry up and Wednesday was one of those days. So with nothing in the fridge and the major advantage of living in a seaside town, daughter and I headed off in search of sustenance.

Down near the beach and railway station in Dawlish we came to one of our regular stops, The Beach Café.  The interior has recently been refurbished with rustic style tables and chairs and the place has a really nice feel about it and all the staff are friendly.

Breakfast Cafe DawlishWe chose between us the Traditional Breakfast (sausage, bacon, beans, fried egg, hash brown, fried bread, tomatoes and toast) for £6.25 and the Children’s breakfast (sausage, egg, beans, bacon and hash brown) for £4.25, and sat back with our tea and coffee while we waited for it to arrive.

In less than 10 minutes we were served with our food that was piping hot and incredibly good.  The bacon was two nice thick rashers, not the watery thin type sometimes favoured by seaside establishments to maximise profit and the eggs were cooked to perfection. It was obvious that The Beach Café put quality first and we both enjoyed our breakfast and to be honest the portions were so generous that I did not need to bother with lunch!

The great thing is that they also serve this all day so you can partake of the wonder that is the Full English whenever your heart desires, and dear reader, if you think you can manage it, there’s even a Mega Breakfast.

So if you’re down Dawlish way and feeling in the need, it’s well worth a visit.

Doctor S

16 Piermont Pl, Town Centre, Dawlish EX7 9PH

Phone:01626 888824

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