Route Restaurant 303, A303 Yarcombe, Devon

As a frequent traveller on the A303 I have often passed what once used to be The Newcott Chef and has since been transformed into the Route Restaurant 303 (it has a twin in Cornwall on the A38) but to date had yet to go there.


Well Friday saw me on my travels eastward again and this seemed to be the opportune place to stop especially if I wanted to avoid only being able to get a day old sandwich from a garage later on in the journey.

Inside the whole place is decked out to resemble a classic American diner and it certainly is proving popular as several tables were already reserved (including one for a birthday) and the rest of the diner was busy, which is usually a good sign when going somewhere new.

The menu looked great with a wide variety and obviously a big lean towards burgers but also covering many other American diner staples. Both of us chose the Rodeo burger which consists of a quarter pounder burger, 2 onion rings, a huge slab of melted Jack cheese, two rashers of bacon and BBQ sauce. (and if I’m quite honest my mouth is watering as I write this description), all for only £8.95.  We were not disappointed when it arrived, being an American style diner they have embrace American portions too as said burger arrived with what I would estimate to be over half a pound of fries (oh and a little bit of salad to make you feel healthy J ).

Once I had worked out the best way to attack this behemoth of a burger I went for the first bite, attempting to get a bit of everything.  Well dear reader, there are times that words are hard to find and this is one when it comes to describing how good this burger is, cooked to ‘medium’ it was moist and meaty and one hell of a combo of flavours, suffice to say, it didn’t disappoint! Favouring the burger over the fries (as I know my limitations) it was an incredible meal and I plan to visit again to try one of the other options.

Open 7am – late, 7 days a week.


3 thoughts on “Route Restaurant 303, A303 Yarcombe, Devon

    1. They are opening a restaurant on Haldon Hill where the Happy Eater used to be on the Eastbound carriageway. Will be interesting to see what its like and if its more consistent.

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