Jack Sprat’s Cafe Restaurant, 18 The Strand, Dawlish

When most people think about Dawlish, most associate it with chips and takeaway by the beach on a summer’s day and not with a place to go for an evening meal.

However there is a hidden gem along the main shopping street (The Strand) and it goes by the name of Jack Sprat’s.

Now I’ve been to this place during the daytime for morning coffee and cake and it is certainly a step up from your average seaside cafe so when looking for somewhere new to take my good lady out for dinner I decided to give Jacks a try with the added advantage it was close enough to home that no one would have to drive!

So with table for two booked we arrived to a different sort of atmosphere to its daytime persona, it was quiet and sophisticated and had the perfect ambiance for a romantic meal for two.

The menu is excellent with a wide range of choice, favoring Italian but including many other options.

After much deliberation we chose Tuna Crostini and Tri-coloured hummus and focaccia for starters and Chicken Milanese and a Pepperoni Pizza for our main courses.

Only after they arrived did we realise that we may have over ordered on the starters but that’s the problem when everything sounds so good.  The Tuna Crostini was heavenly with the perfect combination of tuna, creamy mayonnaise and onion spread onto the fresh warm bread, while the hummus (garlic and lemon, pesto and spicy chilli flavours) provided an interesting and tasty starter and led to much discussion on which was the best of the three.

Jack Sprat’s is lucky enough to have its own proper pizza oven and the Pepperoni pizza that arrived was first class done in a thin Italian style.  Meanwhile the chicken was well cooked, moist and very well-seasoned in the crumb and the accompanying chips were freshly cooked and hot. Both meals were thoroughly enjoyed and even though we could not eat all the pizza they were more than happy to give us a box to take the rest home in (bonus for breakfast!).

Whilst tempting, we decided not to go for the dessert menu this time but definitely think another trip would be in order to go and do so on another occasion. With a bottle of wine include the whole bill came to under £50 which was excellent value for money and I would whole heartedly recommend a visit to this little gem of a restaurant.

18 The Strand, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 9PS

Tel: 01626 865556

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