Boston Tea Party, 84 Queen St

EE RecommendsI absolutely love going out for brunch, I don’t know why but I find it so much more exciting than any other meal out! It’s probably because most of the time I use the term brunch as an excuse to have a dessert as a main meal, pancakes at 6pm… “it’s fine it’s brunch!”

So when I met my boyfriend Jack in town on a sunny Sunday in Exeter without having breakfast, I jumped at the opportunity to go for 12 o’clock brunch at one of my favourite cafés in Exeter.

Boston Tea Party was always my go to hot chocolate stop on cold winters days at college so whenever I’m home I like to make a visit, if not for there gorgeous cakes but for their amazing coffee! The cafe was quite quiet so we chose to sit in the window seats and do a spot of people watching. Ordering at the bar I didn’t go for my customary sweet treat, instead I chose the poached eggs with ham on a toasted bagel with a Sandford Farm blackberry and apple juice. To my surprise jack chose the kedgeree (he’s normally a full English man) which is a spicy breakfast dish which had never appealed to me in the past, so I was excited to try it out!

As always the food came quickly and the staff were warm and friendly. Although the presentation of my meal wasn’t anything special, it tasted great and at brunch that’s all that matters. The yolks of the eggs were lovely and goey, the thick cut ham was perfectly salty and the bagel was soft and delicious. I also tried Jack’s kedgeree which was so tasty I wish I had ordered it my self. It had a great flavour of haddock which wasn’t too strong and complimented the slight spice of the dish. Topped with a cooling yoghurt and poached egg, this was definitely a winning option.

Luckily enough when we were waiting for our brunch to arrive the staff were handing out free samples of their burger. Now I’ve had the burger before and know it’s brilliant but I wasn’t going to turn down free food! Once again the meaty little package didn’t disappoint! A thick beef patty incased in a springy soft bun, smothered with a tangy burger sauce, what more could you want?

There’s no doubt I’ll be making another trip to Boston’s before I leave Exeter, I’m just praying they open one in Cardiff soon!

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