Exeter Picturehouse Bar, 51 Bartholomew Street West

EE RecommendsBesides my love of food, the love of film and cinema is the next on my list.  And in my opinion there is nowhere else in Exeter worth going to for cinematic consumption than The Exeter Picturehouse.  Exeter has three main cinemas, and this is the only one where you can get good food and reasonably priced drinks before you go in to the auditorium.  And you can even take your drinks with you.  But turn off your phone.

One of the main criticisms levied against cinemas is the price of their convenience snacks and drinks which are famously extortionate.  But the reality is that a cinema only makes a small profit on showing a film, most of the revenue comes from the popcorn and Maltesers that are for sale and anything else that they have to offer.  The Exeter Picturehouse is lucky as it has a bar area that is licensed and also happens to serve food as well.  To non-members, there are things that are expensive but ultimately cheaper than a few places I could tell you about.

The main staple foodstuff in The Bar are the range of pizzas that they do along with cakes and a few other snacks.  They stop serving pizzas at 9pm but are normally open until later, which makes The Bar a fantastic little venue for meeting up and the bi-monthly infamous Exeter Picturehouse Movie Quiz which is a challenge for even the most seasoned movie fanatics.

The one thing that strikes me about this Bar is the amount of natural light that it invites in.  The views over the River Exe from the mezzanine are hard to match in other bars in Exeter, let alone a cinema bar.  But it really is its own entity, hosting live music and other events during the week.
The bar can get quite busy before and after showings, but visit during a screening and its easy to find a place to plonk yourself with the free Wifi and the lovely views.

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