Eating Exeter Update – 23rd July 2014

This is a new idea that I have thought might work.  It’s very much an experiment, so like all great experiments it might explode with a big BANG. The idea behind this is that quite a lot happens in connection with Eating Exeter, and when there are things on the horizon it’d be nice to share them with the 1560 subscribers who follow this blog in one way or another.

New contributing editors:
You might have noticed a few new faces on Eating Exeter.

Dr Steve Price is an associate lecturer at Exeter College and a foodie who loves eating out and culinary creations.  He has been offering me advice and recommendations for a number of years and has now taken the next level to writing some reviews on places in and outside of Exeter.

Kathryn Lewis has also joined and certainly for the summer, (if I ask her nicely I am hoping she might come back!), she is writing some fantastic reviews of places in and around Exeter as well.  Kathryn is a Journalism student at Cardiff University and has her own blog which I urge you to go forth and view, and even subscribe to it too!  Follow Kathryn on Twitter @kathrynlewis92

A massive welcome to them on to the team 🙂

Good or bad, ping us an email and let us know if there is anywhere in Exeter that you reckon is briliant or terrible.  I am always interested to hear our subscribers/readers opinions, and if there is a place you feel particularly strongly about then we might even go there!

Local Businesses on Eating Exeter
Eating Exeter has always been completely free.  We don’t have advertising on the front page apart from the ones that WordPress put on automatically.  We don’t get any revenue from these, so please keep your Ad-Blocker on as we don’t benefit from them.  Any expenses that are paid are paid out of our own pocket (which is why we have a donate button on the side!) so any donations are always gratefully received.
An idea that I have had for a while is offering free advertising to independent local businesses for a limited time.  This is just an experiment and it might not work, but it will hopefully give a local business an opportunity to take advantage of the 100-150 page views a day that we get (its not much compared to other websites, but I’m quite chuffed with it!)  If you’re interested, ping us an email and we can start compiling a list!

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