Rugby stars ultimate taste test of Exeter’s First Genuine American Smokin’ Menu

Exeter Chiefs and UrbanBurger
Garth Pearse with Exeter Chiefs (L-R) Phil Dollman, Henry Slade, Sam Hill and Jack Nowell.

Exeter’s original gourmet burger restaurant has launched a smokin’ range – but only after local rugby stars tested out the new menu first.

Famed for its gourmet burgers made with Devon beef from Greendale Farm, the Queen Street restaurant has today launched the Urban Smoke Shack.

Beef, pork and chicken cooked in the newly imported American ‘smoker’ for up to 10 hours at a time, were all put to the test by amongst others, Exeter Chiefs’ Jack Nowell, Sam Hill and Jack Yeandle.

Owner and chef Garth Pearse says providing new food experiences for customers is crucial, in a city that continues to improve its culinary offerings.

“It’s fantastic that Exeter is building a great reputation for good food. We pride ourselves on the best food, local meat, cooked to perfection at the best prices.

“With the new Smokin’ menu, we wanted to put it to the ultimate taste test, with customers who we know adore their food. That’s why we invited the Exeter Chiefs down and they didn’t disappoint. They tucked in with gusto.”

The new Smoke Shack menu includes smoked pulled pork, free range chicken, brisket and St Louis spare ribs. The meat is rubbed with a special spice mix and marinated overnight.

Then it is slowly cooked over indirect heat with hickory chips providing the smoke. Part way through, the meat is wrapped in foil to retain all its moisture, to ensure the best possible end result.

Exeter Chiefs full-back Jack Nowell, who played for England in this year’s Six Nations tournament, was delighted with the end result.

He said: “I’ve tried the new Urban Burger barbecue range. I came out with a bit of a full stomach but it was amazing.”

Sam Hill, Exeter Chiefs centre and England international, had three helpings at the taste-testing.

He said: “I’ve tried the new barbecue range and it’s very nice. I definitely recommend it. I may have gone back for some more a couple of times. I loved the chicken – fantastic.”

Joint owner Melissa Pearse said: “The guys were brilliant. I think some of our customers were pretty shocked to see so many Chiefs tucking away on trays of food being brought up from the kitchen. But there were a lot of hungry players and coaches to feed – and they’ve got big appetites!”

Users of Twitter can enjoy a 50% discount if they tweet a photo of an order off the new menu, or £30% by quoting #smokin to @UrbanBurgerExe in July.

Watch the Chiefs try out the new Urban Burger Smokin’ menu at

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