Eating Exeter Update: Number 2

One day I will come up with a consistent name for these updates.  I might even give it a snappy name like Eating Exeter Express, The Irregular Eating Exeter Update or something along those lines. 

So summer is over, like some distant memory the enslaught of autumn is upon us like the brown and wet entity that lives up to the stereotypes.  Its already getting colder, the Back To School sales are well and truly underway and for those of us who exist in the world of education (like me) the beginning of the annual cycle is well and truly starting.

But we have some fun things in store to come over the next few weeks which will be exciting for us to attend and hopefully entertaining and enlightening for you to read.

1. Pickle Shack Pop-up

This was a last minute addition, but we’re going to the Real McCoys Arcade tonight to experience the Pickle Shack Pop-up Restaurant.  This is one of a number of pop-up events that have been…um…popping up, around the Exeter area recently, and I am really looking forward to this.  Devon Life have an article the Pickle Shack which is definitely worth a read.

2. Johnny Does Dinner

Johnny Does Dinner is a supper club, providing a unique dining experience for South West foodies by holding dinner events in places that you would never normally be able to eat dinner.  This event will be held in a Polytunnel somewhere in the deepest Devon countryside and Eating Exeter will be there to write a full review of the evening!

3. Little French Cakes

Sylvain’s Little French Cakes is ran by Sylvain Peltier, an experienced chef with quite a CV.  From the Salutation Inn in Topsham, Sylvain’s Little French Cakes has brought together years of experience in creating high class cakes and pastry products.  A full review and some nice photos to come 🙂

So its actually quite a busy kick-off for the new season (so to speak).  Remember to follow Eating Exeter on Twitter, Instagram and like on Facebook for some exclusive non-blog posts and other goings on which don’t make it on to the main page!

Chris – Co-founder and Editor
eatingexeter at gmail dot com

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