Jamie’s Italian to open in Exeter, Strada to close: Opinion

Ah…Jamie Oliver.  It seemed like only yesterday he was prancing around our TV screens with his Essex twist, cooking grub for his mates under the guise of the Naked Chef.  Now look at him; a multi-millionaire, multi endorsing force of nature.  And you have to hand it to him, a rags to riches story to aspire to for any young and budding chef.

The Naked Chef series started Jamie off on his long road to success and fame. The campaigning against bad school lunches, all those books published; unfortunately for Jamie it ended up building his ‘love or hate’ relationship that many foodies have with him.  You either love his adorable Essex-ness or you run screaming when you see the price of his kitchenware.

I never really understood Strada to be honest (modern Italian is overdone and badly delivered in this country…rant rant), although the food was always quite nice sadly, it is due to close and a Jamie’s Italian is due to open early next year in its place.  So, luckily we’re not adding to the number of chain restaurants but we’re not getting rid of any more soon.

I am reserving judgment on how nice Jamie’s Italian will be, the amount of positive feedback I’ve had about Jamie’s Italian means that it would be foolish to make any early speculation.  Chain restaurants are endemically impersonal, corporate and soulless, so it would be uplifting to finally see somewhere that doesn’t leave me cold after paying the bill – with the exception of Giraffe Restaurants as they’re always really friendly and personal.

Go on Jamie, impress me…

Express and Echo reported this originally.  The photo I have used was mercilessly pillaged from some other website.

3 thoughts on “Jamie’s Italian to open in Exeter, Strada to close: Opinion

  1. I reviewed the one in Bristol and it was incredible, probably one of the best I’ve had. Went to one in London and it was average. They design each restaurant to be in keeping with the area, so each one is different and quite personal for a ‘chain’.

    Latoyah @ Sugar Pink Food

    1. Others have said good things about Jamie’s Italian restaurants so I’m hoping they live up to the positivity. It’d be great if they had that ‘independent restaurant’ feel to them. But we shall see!

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