The Glorious Art House, Fore Street, Exeter

The Glorious Art House appeared on my social radar a few weeks ago over Facebook.  In fact a lot of new openings get to me via Facebook and often friends who recommend these things and thanks to one of my old friends, I became aware of its existence and through the few photos that I saw of it I immediately wanted to go look.  There is something special about this coffee shop, something unique.

Exeter has become a city of cafe culture.  There are so many options for coffee lovers and there are quite a  few places that serve really good coffee, award winning establishments that have received national recognition of one sort or another.

Face it Exeter, you’re spoilt for choice.

The Glorious Art House is very much a family business.  The manager/owner Derry Tydeman, runs the cafe side of the business with his mum Rose who provides much of the colour and creativity that exudes from the walls and the ceilings.  In fitting out the shop itself, Derry’s father built the surfaces of the kitchen and counter area, and with the help of close friends and family, it appeared on Fore Street about six weeks ago and has been gathering a bit of a cult following ever since.

Stepping through the glass door, the first thing that hits you is the colour of the walls.  It emanates a bohemian energy, but not in a ‘lentils, pulses and tie-dye’ way.  It is tasteful, the art on the walls is colourful and dynamic, the décor compliments the colourfulness. Even the crockery are works of art in themselves, created by they were originally sold in the shop but they sold so well that they had to stop selling them else face having no crockery at all!

The menu has a strong focus on locally sourced and organic ingredients.  The Exploding Bakery provides much of the cakes and biscuits and the other light bites coming from the talented fingertips of the folk behind the counter.  Sandwiches, Platters and Specials (Chunk of Devon Meat Pie anyone?) and a few other items are available to eat in the cafe.

The coffee is something that I believe is unique to Exeter.  Crafted by the cafe’s baristas through a Sanremo coffee machine, they use triple certified Matthew Algie Elevator coffee which I am certain (could be wrong, please tell me if I am) is the only place in Exeter that is currently serving this.  Rich medium roast with a lovely bitterness to it which screams ‘I am good coffee drink me now’.  Yes coffee talks to me, but only after a few cups.

EE RecommendsAnd to top all of this off, The Glorious Art House has a gallery on the 2nd floor that displays exhibitions in a lovely light space that overlooks Fore Street.  They are also inviting in live music and visiting performers during the daytime as well to add to the variety of reasons why this is a fantastic little cafe that needs the support of Exeter coffee/culture lovers.

Read their blog here

Find them on Facebook

Visit their website:

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