Easy Chicken and Pesto Pasta – Ideal for beginners

Our kitchen is about the size of a knat’s testicle and given the tiny amount of surface space we actually have, I am all for the student modus operandi when it comes to cooking.  There is no shame in using a jar of pesto opposed to fresh pesto that you make yourself, and I can’t start to say that it matches it in taste but for ‘everyday’ its a fine substitute.  So with this I present a budget/student version of Chicken and Pesto Pasta with my signature vague instructions.

There are a few recipes floating about for Chicken and Pesto Pasta if you don’t like the look of this one.

The wonderful thing about this recipe is that you can adjust it and suit it to your tastes as you wish.  Generally it should work with more pasta and less sauce or vice versa and that is the beauty of pasta.

I used chicken for this, but this would also work with quorn pieces should you be that way inclined.  If you have broad beans lying around then use those instead of peas.  If you have pine nuts to hand then even better, but for this I am using sunflower seeds as they are far cheaper.  They still add a satisfying crunch to the dish, and if toasted in a bit of butter, they keep the slightly buttery flavour.

You will need:

3 tbsp Sunflower seeds (more the merrier)
3/4 Jar Sacla Basil Pesto
2 large chicken breasts or 3 handfuls Quorn Chickens pieces
Frozen Peas 1 large handful, (or not. Depends if you like peas)
Half a clove Garlic

1. Start the pasta off. It’ll need cooking for about 15 minutes in a large pan.
2. Toast the sunflower seeds. Put aside.
3. Fry the chicken with some garlic until slightly brown.
4. Add peas to chicken in pan and heat till peas are cooked. Add pesto and sunflower seeds and heat through for a couple of minutes.
5. Drain pasta, combine with chicken/pesto in the large pan and stir on a low heat for a minute.
6. Grate Parmasen. Boom.

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