#UKBA15 Blog Awards 2015 – We’ve Entered!

UK blog Awards
So, we’re going to have a go at this.  It might be a really successful stunt, or it might not be, but it’d be nice to have a bit of kudos for the efforts of the last three years.

The voting will start on the 10th November, and we’ll need a lot of votes.  Lots of votes.  LOTS AND LOTS…

4 thoughts on “#UKBA15 Blog Awards 2015 – We’ve Entered!

  1. Hello Eating Exeter – I just wanted to wish you best of luck in the blog awards. I’ve entered too (as Cathedral City Guide), and I’m glad to learn that you’re taking part as I no longer feel like I have all my eggs in one basket! I wonder if many other cathedral city-related blogs are entering? I could possibly do a round-up and we could all support each other. Moral support, that is, not some big vote-rigging circle. Obviously.

    1. Hi James,

      I know Sugar Pink Food has entered. Not sure of any others at the moment. I love your blog, great idea about a round up too. Would like to knowledge who else has entered from Exeter 🙂

      1. I’ve voted for you! Unfortunately I didn’t get round to a round-up (so to speak) as real life intervened, but best of luck in the Awards. James from Cathedral City Guide

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