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14th November 2014: Spooky Culinary Extravaganza @ The Great Fulfords at Cheriton Bishop

DSC_0016EDIT: This event has been moved to Friday 14th November

A few weeks ago, Eating Exeter had the special opportunity to sample ‘Jonny Does Dinner’ serving Dinner In A Polytunnel at Trill Farm and absolutely loved it.  It was an amazing meal served in a fantastic location, ultimately a real treat for a foody who cares about his ingredients.

Jonny Does Dinner has had a few more events since, and the next one is destined to be a corker.  Taking places at The Great Fulfords, near Cheriton Bishop, home of Francis Fulford (appeared on The F**king Fulfords back in 2004) and featuring on BBC Three in a new series called Life Is Toff, the Great Fulfords is a suitably spooky setting for a dinner happening the night before Halloween!

Diners can expect a 4 course meal cooked by Jonny (ex Mark Hix, The Groucho Club and Brindisa) as he “creates a sublime menu with his customary bonhomie and flamboyance. Simple, elegant, outstanding gastronomy, locally sourced where possible” as their website says.

Book tickets online here and read a little more about what sort of things they’ve been up to!

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  1. Thanks so much for this. We have decided to change the date for Great Fulford DInner!!!! Now Friday 14th November 2014. We are hoping half term has been the cause of sluggish sales.

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