Powderham Food Festival 2014

What do you get when you combine a stately home, the best of local producers and a sunny October in Devon?

The Powderham Food Festival of course!  I had the privilege of being invited along to this annual event on behalf of Eating Exeter and I have to say I was not at all disappointed.

As you entered the main courtyard your sense where immediately assaulted by a plethora of sights and smells from the variety of stalls that were attending. And like Aerosmith I didn’t want to miss a thing so my glamorous assistant and I quickly came up with a plan on how to tackle the stalls.

Whilst I would like to mention all the stalls we visited I feel it would be unfair if I miss any so instead here are a few pictures:

Moving beyond the courtyard and into the main house itself you entered a calmer world than that of the courtyard where more vendors were based including the very entertaining spice mix seller from South Africa.

Into the library and an interesting conversation with a purveyor of mushrooms.

We discussed the varieties available in the UK and poisonous vs non-poisonous varieties. Finally we had a chat about correct French translations vs marketing, a strange topic I hear you say but when you look at the next photo
you may understand ……

(for those of you who do not speak French, the literal translation is Death Trumpets!)

Moving out of the library and back out into the glorious sunshine of that day, and we were on the rear lawns of the castle overlooking the main eating and demonstration area of the festival. This year’s theme was ‘No Smoke without Fire’ celebrating barbecue and outdoor cooking at its best. A variety of very entertaining demonstration were underway cooking everything from Slow-cooked pulled pork to smoked and barbecued Ruby Red beef brisket.

We sat spell bound by the demonstrations going on over the fire pit in the tepee and were very impressed by the culinary skills of the Royal Marines before moving on to observe the versatility of the Aga.

In keeping with the fire theme of the day, lunch was taken from the wood fired pizza oven and accompanied by one of the special brewed for the event by Hunter’s Brewery at Ipplepen, a chilli beer!

To round off our day, we perused our way to the upper lawn to enjoy the live music being provided and sit in the beautiful autumn sunshine for a while.

As we watched the world go by around us it was apparent that a good time was being had by all, while only in its third year at present the Powderham Food Festival already has an avid following and I for one am already looking forward to next years!


Twitter: https://twitter.com/powderhamfest

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