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Homemade Bread!! – Rustic Pumpkin Seed Wholemeal Loaf Recipe

This looks divine 🙂 A fantastic recipe I’d love to have a go at sometime…

Starfruit Rainbow


This was my first attempt at making bread … Not bad, if I do say so myself … Slightly lopsided but, in my eyes that just adds character! Okay so as I said this was my first attempt, and like many first attempts, there were a couple of hiccups and things that I would do differently next time. However, luckily for you, I have identified where I went a tiny bit wrong and so the recipe I am going to give you, will make a much lighter, less lopsided loaf! That is the absolute true beauty of cooking … you can really learn from your mistakes.

My main mistake was using only whole meal four, while the bread is still really tasty, it is slightly heavy and dense, so replacing about 20% of the wholemeal flour with a little plain white bread flour, will mean you get a fluffy loaf, that…

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