The Seaview Inn, Falmouth

When my sister decided she wanted to go to Falmouth to study Fine Art Photography, I was overjoyed and eager to get down and have a nose around this part of Cornwall, as I have to say I have never been.  Falmouth is a lovely little town, squatting on the side of the Carrick Roads where the River Fal empties itself in to the Atlantic. The harbour is dotted with a plethora or yachts and other boats under the shadow of the National Maritime Museum.
The most important

Falmouth has three sides to its personality. It’s a harbour town, with a working dockside and a busy maritime industry and it is a local shopping centre with shops for locals and tourists wedged in to its narrow main street at the bottom of the hill. Then there is the University which incorporates the University of Exeter as well as Falmouth University on the Penryn Campus, where my sister lives in halls of residence.

So naturally as you find with university towns and cities, there are quite a few places to eat, chocked full of cafes and restaurants Falmouth is quite full of these funny little places where one can pick up something to eat. Students like places to eat, especially cheap places.

As is the tradition of visiting one of your offspring at university, the parental unit will often take them out for food. And our destination yesterday was The Seaview Inn and the carvery that they have on a Sunday. For £8.50 a head, you get a massive plate, a massive helping of meat and free reign to have a massive helping of vegetables and gravy if you want it.

Perched on top of the hill, it genuinely has a terrific sea view but you pay for the scenery as the quickest way to get to the Seaview Inn from the main street is up flights of stone steps but a quick traverse through the streets means that the Seaview Inn is also accessible to those with partially functioning legs, wheels and scooters.

There are real ales, but not that many. There are tables, but we were put in a cosy spot that involved a certain amount of maneuvering in order to fit in with the table next to us. The whole meal was reasonable and you got value for money, but the potato were not quite cooked properly. But this was made up for by the Cauliflower Cheese and the generous amount of meat you are given.

Go for: A meat laden, Sunday slap up. The View. The Real Ales

Don’t go for: A la carte food, this is a pub that serves grub!

Seaview Inn, Wodehouse Terrace, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 3EP

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