Please vote for Eating Exeter, Blog Awards 2015

To vote, click the link below:

So, this is it, the beginning of the public vote phase of the Blog Awards 2015.

Please click the link and vote for us, it’d make me a very happy bunny.  Just click the ‘Vote Now’ button on the right hand side of the page and it’ll take you through to a form where you can write your name and leave your email address.  If you’re worried about SPAM or marketing information, then feel free to use a service like, but I am sure the organisers wouldn’t sell on information.

So, if you’re wondering why you should spend the next thirty seconds of your life voting for us then here is a brief reason.

Eating Exeter is a fantastic resource for independent, well written reviews of eating places and events that happen within Exeter.  It works for the good of the community and makes no money whatsoever, providing free and effective promotion for eating places and food related events that happen in Exeter and the wider county of Devon.

If you vote, and if Eating Exeter actually gets anywhere, it will be recognition for the hard work that Pol and me have put in to the blog over the years, and the small army of guest bloggers and contributors that help out with creating amazing content for us.

We’re not professional journalists (although some of the contributors are freelance writers!) but that is the joy and attraction of blogging.


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